My journey to the library.

My Journey to the Library.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Crazy busy!

My head is spinning. I have finished my first assignment but want to read it one more time before submitting it for judgement.

The difficulties I encountered with the first assignment were sticking to the word limit and getting my head around APA style referencing again.

I'm a little behind in my readings as I have been preparing for an upcoming job interview that may change the direction my career takes, marking HSC Trial papers and supervising my intern. I personally can't wait until September starts...I'm too tired to even bother with my own birthday tomorrow. I'll get back into my readings next week.

Off to read my assignment (again). The first one is the worst!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Dictator or Innovator?

Once again, I seem to be catching up on my topic readings at some odd hour on a Friday night. Hm mm may have to make sure this is not a recurring pattern!

Anyhow, Topic 2 down. The role of the TL and the importance of Principal support seem to be making sense to me and my head is spinning with RBL, IL, ILSC acronyms!

On a serious note, I strongly believe that a TLs "occupational invisibility" can also be attributed to a staff's lack of understanding of the TL's role. I have worked with both effective and ineffective TLs. It is the role of the effective ones that needs no clarification for me. The ineffective, "prickly" types who terrified me from behind the returns desk and never seemed to leave the library still have me wondering why they were there. Teacher perceptions of the TLs role also count and I intend discuss this with my wonderful (and not "prickly" in the slightest) TL on Tuesday.

Assignment 1 here I come.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Aha = More than an idea, or an epiphany, aha moments demand attention and action.

A friend of my mine says that the universe sometimes gives you what you need, rather than what you want. I am guilty of responding to the urgent (work) at the detriment of what is important (my health). Unfortunately or fortunately I have learnt my lesson the hard way. Rock bottom did unceremoniously arrive, I had no direction, growing resentment towards my so called career and this massive black dog which sat quite comfortably on my shoulders.

Whilst hitting the bottom wasn't ideal, perhaps it was necessary. If I hadn't taken charge and prioritised myself I know that I would not have set foot in a classroom again.

Sanders says that in order to resolve conflict we must remain emotionally detached, be assertive as required and accept that not everyone will get a happy ending. It's a big, but essential, lesson to learn.

A book that was recommended to me this year called "Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office" is a worthwhile read and as Sanders suggests you can say "no" without feeling guilty. This was my first step towards being proactive (in terms of my work and shaking off the black dog). I did have to find and develop my independent will, as Convey states. In order to take back control of the wheel I now know that the highest value must be placed on myself so that I can be an effective human being, daughter, friend and teacher. Not the other way round! I needed to learn the hard way that I can "pleasantly, smilingly, nonapologetically" say "no".

In addition, I have learnt that delegation is a term that should not be used without the accompanying descriptor "effective". When it is, we have the creation of what has come to be known amongst my colleagues and myself as the "flick pass" and NOBODY is a fan of that!

Gilman's list of the four habits of highly effective librarians may seem like common sense but as someone who considers themself an intelligent, articulate human being, I wonder how often the expectation to deal with the "urgent" clouds our need to prioritise the "important".

And that, is my "aha!" moment.

Check out this clip if you are in need of an "aha" or two!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Information Architecture anyone?

Whilst scanning the job vacancies this weekend (it doesn't hurt to look!) I came across a job title that I had not heard of before: An Information Architect. I did some googling and came up with this expalnantion, "effective information architecture enables people to step logically through a system confident they are getting closer to the information they require". So I figured that the "architect" is the person responsible for establishing and maintaining the system i.e website, intranet containing the information. No easy feat I'm sure!

Whilst it seemed amusing at first to imagine a diligent architect sitting at a desk designing a building made entirely of sources of information, it later proved to be more relevant to me than I had first thought. In a sense you could say that a teacher-librarian also fulfils some of the same roles of an "information architect". After all, a TL works in a co-operative partnership with classroom teachers so that all parties are "confident they are getting closer to the information they require".

From the Topic 1 readings Herring's report stated that the school library needed to be seen as a "centre for learning first, [and a] centre for resources second" and that students need to be taught how to apply their information skills "irrespective of what technology they are using". With this (and the image of a leaning tower of books strapped together with computer cables) in mind, I would hope that when my colleagues see our TL at the staff briefing tomorrow morning they will come to appreciate that she is more than just the lady in the library who re-stocks the shelves.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Getting started.

Last night I had my family around for some hearty beef casserole and my sister commented that it was no surprise that I was pursuing a career as a Teacher-Librarian as I did 'catalogue' our collection of books in our once shared bedroom! I'd forgotten about this until she mentioned it...but I do now recall that she drew the line at following my strict borrowing procedures.

So I guess you could say I'm not only a book lover but an information junkie. I devour the news, pride myself on my googling powers and will read just about anything. Oh, and I guess from my sister's insight, you could say I like to be organised...

Studying whilst teaching full time will be a challenge (chocolate and coffee will be my staples), it is a much needed transition for me as my day to day teaching isn't really motivating me this year.

My dog, Tully, is not too impressed that I now have commitments that distract me from smothering him with more love and affection but, alas he will survive... as will I ...I hope.